How much

How much will my new kitchen, laundry or bathroom renovation cost?

With our small team of bathroom renovation and building specialists, we are uniquely placed to offer you exceptional value without sacrificing on quality or design.

Of course, the exact cost of your bathroom, kitchen or laundry renovations will depend on:

  • The extent of your scope
    Factors which influence your scope of work include any structural changes that need to be made, changes to existing plumbing, electrical changes, tiling heights, and so on.
  • Your choice of fittings
    Having full flexibility and control in choice of fixtures such as tiles, vanities, taps, toilet etc. will naturally impact the total cost of your renovation.

Bathroom Dynamics can provide you a quote based on your required scope of works. Fitting costs are generally not quoted at all as they are based on your selections. This is our preferred method of quoting because we feel this gives you greater flexibility and control over achieving your desired look, by giving you the freedom to make your own preferred selections and not have to fit within our stock range or “package” boundaries.

To guide you along, we can suggest an array of reputable companies whom we have long standing relationships with and whose friendly staff will spend the time to help you through your bathroom renovation selections allowing you to achieve your desired look and functionality.

However, if you are looking to get an overall feel on cost, we do provide a rough cost estimate for your fittings based on mid-range choices to use for your budgeting calculations.

Regardless of your financial investment, the value of the finished product will appear to be much more, enhancing your life as well as the worth of your home.

Order an obligation free quote today and find out just how Bathroom Dynamics can transform your home.