Creating Space

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Project:  Creating Space

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation, Mosman Sydney


Transforming this old, run down, pokey living area into this now sleek, modern and spacious haven was very satisfying for the owners of this 2 bedroom apartment. Previously they were confined by a severe lack of storage space which, combined with the old décor and heavy carpeted floors, made their everyday living space look and feel very cramped. To create an innovative storage solution, Bathroom Dynamics incorporated cabinetry into the existing unused wall space, with the view to having it appear seemless rather than impinging on the existing living space. The design of the cabinetry included the use of different materials to create a balanced textured look. So, not only did the cabinetry add ample storage but was a feature in itself and interesting to look it.

Also seeking a more spacious look, the old carpet was removed and replaced by large light floor tiles that spill over to the outdoor patio, extending the eyes vision of floor space even more.

The ensuite was also rebuilt to flow into the main bedroom by the clever use of a glass panel to divide the two rooms. The feature glass allows the natural light to brighten up the once dark and dull ensuite as well as again create the illusion of more space. A floating vanity with mirrored laminate cabinets blends into the overall look and feel of the room.

The overall success of this design was the selection of colours, materials and use of lighting to create a good flow between rooms, opening up to the feeling of a large living area and making it a more pleasurable and easier living experience!

This renovation was featured in the Kitchens and Bathrooms Quarterly magazine edition 17.4.

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