Out with the Old, In with the New

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Bathroom, Kitchen and Laundry Renovation, Rozelle Sydney


There were no limits when the owners of this old run down residence decided that they wanted a brand new home. They relished in opportunity to start again with their blank canvas, and shared with us their vision for a fresh, modern and spacious family home. They also wanted the advantage of having a home with a timeless and universal appeal, should they choose to sell the property in the future.

Their main objective was that the entire home be modern yet practical and functional for a family with children. This meant that space was of the essence so the original high ceilings were kept and a simple non cluttered layout used. To keep the broad appeal, a neutral colour scheme was selected to allow coloured accessories and personal touches to individualise and brighten up rooms and also to accommodate for changes in tastes and preferences over time. The natural light colour scheme was complimented by the stunning flow of travertine tiles throughout the living and bathroom areas.

The kitchen was designed to be the main hub for the entire family, the central place for coming together and catching up at the beginning and end of every day. The vast amount of natural light coming from the new large windows made the entire space very pleasant and inviting. White matt polyurethane cabinets were selected to make the kitchen look sleek and clean. The main feature points were the coloured glass splashback , warm chocolate laminate in front of the island bench and the sharp, bright hanging pendant lights over the island bench.

The main bathroom was kept simple and elegant with large semi gloss white tiles on the walls and it was decided to continue the eye’s line of sight of the elegant travertine tiles from the floor up the bath hob. To maximize space, the vanity was custom made with a floating design (showing off the travertine tiles) and the shower was built in the bath tub with a clear glass panel to keep the open feel of the room.

A classic simple white laundry would ensure this room always looked tidy, clean and timeless. The cabinetry and benches were customized to maximize the small space.

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